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Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media, and why is it important to my Website and the promotion of my business? Social Media is more than just keeping up with your high school buddies on Facebook. The reason you join Social Media Websites is the same reason you join the local Chamber of Commerce, to network with people and businesses who might use or recommend your services or products.


The key to a successful search engine ranking strategy lies in choosing the right partner who has the expertise and delivers solutions that drive bottom line results. Business growth can only be achieved through an integrated internet marketing approach.

We offer search engine optimization services that help businesses with a limited or an extensive marketing budget to squeeze out the highest possible return on investment. We develop the right approach based on your budget constraints to maximize your return on investment.

Local Search Optimization & Google Map Local Listing

Local search engine optimization is a part of SEO strategy that aims to divert local traffic to your website. It is a current trend among Internet users to make their search for businesses, products or services location specific. As an Internet marketing tool, local search optimization is widely in use to attract local customers. This type of search optimization makes the search more specific, thereby, increasing the traffic to your website.

It also helps your website to achieve a higher PageRank in local and language specific search engines. The ultimate result is an upsurge in the number of interested buyers of your services enabling you to earn profits on your investments. We, at 633Marketing, believe in our local search optimization strategies to drive high quality visitors to your websites, thereby, assuring you an optimum GEO targeted audience.

A well laid out local search optimization campaign generates appropriate results and helps visitors to actually locate your business. Chances of establishing direct contact is higher resulting in successful lead conversions. Increasing the visibility of your website on the Web is essential for the success of local search optimization.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

For businesses that want to get the most out of every single lead. Our analysts are experts in monitoring the performance and getting the most out of your campaign budget. We aggressively test multiple ads that convert into real leads and sales for your business.

Pay per click marketing is an immediate and effective channel used to drive targeted traffic to your website. Paid search allows you the flexibility to place a cap on what you pay per keyword/visitor, tailor budgetary decisions around high margin and secondary products and/or services. You can even choose which areas of the world, country, region, state or city you’d like to target.

With Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, you bid on the keywords you believe prospects would type in the search bar when looking for your products or services. For example, if you sell vintage wines, you would bid on the keyword “vintage wine”, hoping a user would type those words in the search engine, see your ad, click it and buy. These ads are called sponsored links or sponsored ads and typically appear next to the natural (also known as “organic”) results on a search page. You pay for your ad only when the user clicks on it. Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) are currently the largest PPC providers. Our job is to help you choose PPC keywords, craft and place ads that extend your marketing reach cost-effectively.